Thursday, October 16, 2014

September 30th: The MTC

I don't know if you got my letter or not but my pday is Tuesday. The MTC is great. I love it here. There is a lot of class time that we have to go to and it kinda sucks because we have no down time to do all the things that they tell us to do on our own. Every night we get done at about 9:30 and then we have to socialize and go to the vending machine. Then brush our teeth and get ready for bed and write in our journals and by the time we've done all that the literal voice of Satan comes on the speakers at 10:15 and tells us it's quiet time. The branch presidency made me district leader so basically all I do is get the mail and call on people to say the prayer. My companion is Elder Thompson he is Mexican from Arizona, Colorado and South Jordan. He is exactly a foot shorter than me and he is in the priesthood session choir so it's really a headache for me having to drop him off and pick him up because I have to get Elder Azbill and Elder Ham, the two other Elders in my dorm and my district, to go get him. and it gets really annoying when trying to figure out us going to the temple today while he went to choir practice so that was really stressful. In the end we just switched our laundry time with our temple time so Elder Thompson won't have any clean clothes next week... Oh well. The food here sucks. The gym here sucks. Elder Thompson and I are the only two people who fall asleep all the time in class and what not. I am doing better though and yesterday I didn't fall asleep at all! The trick is drinking lots of water and eating lots of icebreakers and standing up in the middle of class to the bewilderment of the district. I really like my two main teachers, they're great. I gotta go now.
Love you,
Elder Naegle

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